"A Gamertag is an
aggregation of all
the actions you have
done in competition.

[…] Unlike a normal name, 

it wasn’t chosen for you,

it was one you chose for yourself…” 

~ @TLstuchiu

Our fields!

Who are we?

We are a group of passionate gamers and computer enthusiasts. In May 2018 we got together to build a great team and to become something greater than just a gaming clan!

How many are we?

We are now engaged in many areas of gaming and have grown into a large team!

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Our Partners and Sponsors

Many thanks to all our partners and sponsors for their support!

Visit our Teamspeak Server!

You want to play with and talk to your friends at the same time – undisturbed and in good quality. All this is possible on our Teamspeak Server!

The server is online 24/7 and open to everyone. Additionally to the voice channels, we also provide you with two radio channels to relax!

Any Questions?

Get in contact and write us a message!

Our support team will happily answer all your questions concerning the MTN Gaming Group.

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